Party Trays

An assortment of 3 meats & 3 cheeses attractively rolled, folded, and placed on the platter- Specify if tray is to be used for crackers or sandwiches

Meat & Cheese Trays

9″ Tray (serves 8-9) $14.99
12″ Tray (serves 10-15) $28.99
19″ Tray (serves 20-30) $54.99

Attractively arranged tray of fresh cut carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and cucumbers. Each tray comes with a delicious dip.

Fresh Vegetable Tray

12″ Tray (serves 12-15) $20.00
16″ Tray (serves 20-30) $35.00

Seasonal fresh cut fruit in bite size portions surrounding a delicious cream cheese dip

Fresh Fruit Platter

12″ Tray (serves 15-25) Market Price
18″ Tray (serves 25-35) Market Price

**24 Hour Advanced Notice Required**

**Fully Cooked Just Heat Up**

Prepared Meat Specialties

Roast Beef Aus Jus $5.99/lb
Roast Pork Aus Jus $4.99/lb
Roast Turkey Aus Jus $4.29/lb
BBQ Beef $5.99/lb
BBQ Pork $4.99/lb
Sloppy Joes $3.99/lb
Taco Meat $3.99/lb
BBQ Shredded Chicken $4.39/lb

-8 Pound Minimum-
Allow 1/3 lb per person for 1 large bun or two smaller buns

Bulk Orders

Gallon Potato Salad $21.99
Gallon Coleslaw $21.99
Gallon Smokey Baked Beans $17.99
Gallon Fresh Fruit In Season $35.99
Gallon Fluffy Fruit Salad $29.99
Gallon Robusta Italian Pasta $29.99
Gallon Macaroni Salad $19.99
Gallon Dill Pasta with Chicken $29.99
Gallon Pea, Cheese and Pasta $26.99
Gallon Mock Crab Salad $36.99

*Subject to Market Price*

4oz Serving= 32 portions per gallon

5.5 oz Serving = 24 portions per gallon

*One Week Notice Required*

Party Pack to Serve 100 People

*24 lbs Sliced Meats

(10 lbs Ham, 10 lbs Turkey, 4 lbs Summer Sausage)

*6 lbs Sliced Cheese

(2 lbs Cheddar, 2 lbs Marble, 2 lbs Hot Pepper)

*24 lbs Salad or Beans

(Potato Salad, Coleslaw or Beans)

*All Meats and cheese come pre-sliced & bulk wrapped in white paper. You can arrange them on a deli platter or place them directly into buns for your guests.

*All salads come in bulk one gallon containers.  We strongly recommend choosing one type of salad, which allows for one 4 oz serving per guest.

$180.00 (For 100)

$100.00 (For 50)

*One Week Notice Required*